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Fierce Meditations Offer

Welcome to the Fierce Meditations!

Get access to these 10 powerful meditations led by Koya Webb, as she goes really deep into how we feel on the inside and how we are expressing on the outside.

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Each meditation has a different theme as outlined below;

Meditation 1 - The Path of Fear -How is the path of fear is showing up in your life? What do you need to release or use to push you forward to the best version of yourself?

How fear is showing up in your life (2:37)

How you can use fear to take you to the next level in your life (3:40)

How to visualize what you need (6:01)

Meditation 2 - Move from Pain to Power- Remember you can use your pain, and not let your pain overtake, overwhelm you, or crush you. You are love and powerful beyond measure.

How to release your pain (3:22)

How to turn on your inner willpower (6:13)

An affirmation to follow your heart (8:48)

Meditation 3 - You’re Not a Victim, You’re a CreatorHow you can change your consciousness? Realize that you have the power to change your reality with your thoughts and feelings

Affirmations to release a victim mindset (1:57)

What does and doesn’t serve you (4:45)

How to create a masterpiece (6:10)

Meditation 4 - You Are Enough If you have the confidence you can do anything you want in life, remember you are enough!

How to move any thought or feeling into a positive one (3:01)

An affirmation to be your best (6:10)

Meditation 5 - Too Blessed to Be StressedRemember there is so much to be grateful for! When you feel overwhelmed with all that's happening in the world... Remember, you are too blessed to be stressed.

The power you have to create what you want (3:16)

A visualization to fill you with love (5:45)

Meditation 6 - Knowledge Is PowerWith an open mind and full heart, live in your truth! Center in on your intellect and intelligence. Take everything you know and all the advice and wisdom you’ve been given to help you be the best version of yourself

Questions to ask your soul for wisdom (4:08)

How to set an intention to feel your soul’s knowledge (6:40)

Meditation 7 - Your Mind Is Your MuscleAllow your higher wisdom to lead you to love. Practice positive thinking. Breathe. And be. You are fierce!

How to release doubt and fear (2:15)

Affirmations to strengthen your mind (4:06)

How to focus on your energy centers (5:40)

Meditation 8 - Visualize Your New RealityRelax, release and let go. In this new reality, see all of your needs being met. Repeat this mantra- I see all of my needs being met, as I flow through my days with ease and grace.

Affirmations for your new reality (1:05)

Visualization for overcoming your fears (8:26)

Meditation 9 - Freedom in DisciplineWhat does freedom mean to you? What does discipline mean to you? How can you be disciplined and radical in self care? How can you show yourself that you love yourself?

Questions to ask yourself for freedom (3:40)

A visualization of flow (7:50)

Meditation 10 - You Are UnstoppableYou are divinely supported and provided for! See yourself confidently rising, growing and sharing this growth with others. Embrace this truth- you are miraculous, unique and unstoppable!

How to move through any obstacle (2:49)

What to say yes to (4:57)

How to feel connected to the whole world (7:25)

*The Fierce Mediatations are a part of the Get Loved Up MembershipAlready have a Get Loved up Membership? Log in to your account- HERE