Level Up Your Life!

Show your body, mind, and soul some love.

The Lifestyle Design Membership gives you hundreds of lessons and practices in yoga, fitness, meditation, healthy eating, life coaching and entrepreneurship. Plus live online lifestyle design coaching with Koya Webb. Access a worldwide wellness community to connect and network with, and much more!


Strengthen Your Body

Discover fun, effective yoga practices for any level of experience, and get tips and recipes to fuel your body with healthy food.

Expand Your Mind

Learn to calm and focus your mind, helping you be more present and joyful every day.

Get Inspired & Empowered

Connect with your inner spirit and join our community to learn healthy holistic training and lifestyle habits.

Feed your body, mind, and spirit

Membership includes access to all of Koya and yoga, fitness, nutrition, and meditation products (that’s over $500 of value!).

You’ll find guided practices for more energy, clarity, peace, confidence, and more.

BONUS: Lifestyle Design mastermind:  Also included in the membership is the newest LIVE "Lifestyle Design" community coaching calls with Koya Webb as your life coach, along with guests in the wellness space, to help you create your dream life vision. Free replays available.

Join a Supportive, Inspiring Community

Connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about holistic health and wellness, personal transformation, and eco-friendly living.

Join friendly, welcoming people around the world to support each other in achieving your goals and living your best life.

Along the way, you’ll get expert guidance and support from the Get Loved Up team.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Remove old fears so you can be​ FIERCE​ and​ LIMITLESS
  • Know that you have a solid​ PLAN​ and the ​CONFIDENCE​ to​ ACT â€‹on it
  • Build a ​SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS​ by pursuing your​ TRUE PASSION
  • IMPROVE THE WORLD ​with your unique G​IFTS â€‹and ​TALENTS
  • Live your life with ​COURAGE, HAPPINESS, PURPOSE​ and DIRECTION
  • Wake up with ​JOY, PASSION​ and ​EXCITEMENT​ every single day
  • Release your inner ​POWER​ and find ​CLARITY​ to achieve your goals
  • Find your community of intentional, health enthusiasts who get your VISION and share your PASSION

Just a Taste of What’s Included in Membership:

And Much More!

Over $500 worth of yoga, meditation, nutrition, and personal development courses and lessons – for just $19.97/month!


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