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I know firsthand how scary it can be to change your life,

but I also know the freedom and absolute joy that lies on the other side of fear.

The truth is that you are far more powerful than you think, and I know that you will come out of this amazing journey a more self-confident, authentic and fierce individual.

I want to open your eyes to the limitless potential you hold inside and the abundant greatness just waiting to manifest in your life.

I can’t wait for you to discover the full range of who you really are, and see that the path you’ve been searching for has been within you the entire time.

- Koya Webb

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Let Your Fears Make You Fierce

will help you identify and transform self-limiting beliefs, let go of what’s holding you back, and open up your mind to your natural wisdom and true self.

It will take you on a journey of profound physical and spiritual healing through ancient yoga and meditation practices, as well as powerful affirmation exercises of forgiveness, gratitude, and self-love.

By the end of this book you will understand that you are the creator of your own reality, and that you are able to attract and shape the life of your dreams.

I Want It

Don’t Allow Fear To Control You Any Longer


  • You were born to fulfill your limitless potential for greatness.
  • You are capable of vibrating in love and total abundance daily.
  • You are destined to manifest the rich and exciting life of your dreams.

The Future Is Yours.
All You Need To do Is Open The Door.

No matter how many times your heart is shattered, no matter how many times you’re betrayed, you were meant to shine just like the sun. You are unique and that’s your superpower.

-Koya Webb

"From yoga teacher to inspirational lifestyle coach, Koya has used her gifts to spread her glow power worldwide. She’s a leader in the wellness space and a woman of color who is trailblazing a path for others to follow."

Latham Thomas,
Women’s Wellness Maven And Best-Selling Author Of Own Your Glow

"I celebrate Koya. She is not just a friend but an inspiration. Koya’s voice is needed in this world. She shares her stories of transformation skillfully and gives us clear and easy-to-digest mind and body recommendations to process fear and challenges to live a healthier lifestyle. Koya’s vulnerability and leadership shared in this book will inspire readers worldwide to practice daily selfcare mentally, spiritually, and physically, and as a fellow vegan I know she is taking all the steps to make this world a better place."

Cory Booker,
United States Senator

"In Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, Koya shares stories and practical recommendations cutting through the noise of our busy minds with her realness and inspiring writing. She leads us towards embracing flow and flexibility, helping us break the patterns of self-imposed limitations to create more freedom in our lives."

Kimberly Snyder,
New York Times best-selling author of The Beauty Detox book series and Radical Beauty and founder of Solluna

"Koya Webb is a living inspiration. Her presence in the world is a blessing to countless individuals. From fitness to nutrition to breaking negative paradigms, Koya lives what she teaches. This book you’re holding, Let Your Fears Make You Fierce is a jewel for your transformation! Read it, practice the principles, and your life will change for the better!"

Michael Bernard Beckwith,
Founder and spiritual director, Agape International Spiritual Center and best-selling author of Life Visioning

"A fabulous and effective approach to discovering the power within. Koya teaches from the heart, as if a long lost friend who deeply cares about her readers. Her powerful and poignant stories make this the most relatable “How To” guide to have been released in a very long time. Fresh and new, Koya and her work will very likely take your life to new heights that most would not have otherwise dared."

Mike Dooley,
NY Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities

A Glimpse Of The Book:

  • Step-By-Step Guide and Workbook with daily mind and body exercises in every chapter.
  • Tools To Identify and Transform Your Fears into unbreakable strength.
  • Learn To Manifest The Life of Your Dreams by aligning with your highest vibration.
  • Revitalize Your Health and Raise Your Energy with the healing practice of yoga and meditation.
  • Shift Your Negative Thoughts To Positive Affirmations so you can attract the people and things you really you deserve.
  • Find Your True Passion and Purpose by connecting with your authentic self and inner guide.
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What’s Included:

Bonus #1: Fierce Meditation ($111.10 value)

Get 10 exclusive Motivational Meditations to listen to every morning or night to motivate you to release fear and step into the greatest version of yourself.

During these meditation we will really go deep into how we feel on the inside and how we are expressing on the outside.

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Bonus #2: 7 Day Chakra Smoothie Challenge ($20 value)

Learn how to make delicious, energy raising, 100% Vegan Smoothies centered around the 7 Chakras. Not only will your body get nutrients it needs, but you’re going to experience an energetic difference.

What you'll get:
  • Membership to the 7 day Chakra series.
  • 7 Day Chakra Smoothie Recipe book.
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Bonus #3: Get Loved Up Fitness, Nutrition and Self Love Ebook ($47 value)

This covers not only your nutrition but the goal setting, addressing challenges, visualization, avoiding distractions, consistency, balance, the importance of cardio and so much more!

Don’t fall victim to fad diets, quick fixes, and misinformation. Dedicate yourself to a Healthy Lifestyle and that will give you the best long-lasting results.

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Bonus #4: Get Loved Up 10 Day Fit Challenge Ebook ($19 value)

Armor up with the Get Loved Up 10 Day Fit Challenge! This guide will help equip you to take on life’s challenges, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Are you up for it? Get ready to get your whole body, mind and soul loved up as we begin our 10 Day Fit Challenge!

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  • 7 Day Chakra Smoothie Challenge.
  • 10 Fierce Meditations.
  • Get Loved Up Fitness, Nutrition and Self Love E-book.
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Everything in Silver Package plus:
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  • 60 min holistic health and wellness session w/ Koya.
  • 10 Day Fit Challenge e-book.
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  • Access to the Get Loved Up Membership for 1 year.
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NOTE: If you purchased a copy of Koya's book through a 3rd party website, e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, please email a screenshot of your receipt to [email protected] to gain access to the bonuses indicated in the bundles above. 

"Let Your Fears Make You Fierce is definitely a helpful read for someone whose fears control their life. There were a variety of suggestions that touched on many aspects of our lives from healthy eating and healthy moving to routines, meditations, and affirmations. Koya’s call-to-action type of writing instantly puts you in this motivational state of radical self-love. She urges us to look within and constantly reminds us that we must align ourselves with love continually. Her vulnerability through detailed story telling shows us that we must be vulnerable ourselves and tell our stories to free ourselves from what we are still holding onto."

Alysha (Puma) Evans

"It is truly a joy and blessing to read Let Your Fears Make You Fierce. Koya’s book is packed with inspirational, transformative information, and is highly relatable. You get more than motivation with this book; you get to read about the life experiences, tribulations, and triumphs of another human being, and in doing so, grow with them. This is a book that makes you want to read it more than once to catch anything that you missed, and track your personal growth. Can’t wait to start my second read!"

Adanna Paul

"What I like most about Let Your Fear’s Make You Fierce is that it provides so many practical tools that can be applied to one’s life during times of struggle. This is a book really resonated with me on so many levels that I will continue to use and reflect upon the lessons and messages that have been shared."

Kerri Sawyer

"After getting to know Koya through her Get Loved Up yoga teacher training, reading her book was an embodiment of who she is and how she has become the person she is today. This book is unique in that it is literally an “all-in-one”. This book will help you change your mindset, get spiritually connected, align your chakras, learn yoga, practice affirmations, and it even has a 7-day meal plan! You will be set up for success if this is your only investment to get you towards where you aspire to be in life."

Mckenzie Costar

"“Koya’s powerful story resonates deeply in a way that all women need to hear. So much talk about fear is simply too high-level, but Koya isn’t afraid to share personal details about what we’re all feeling. Your Fears Make You Fierce will show you that you’re not alone, and guide you to a higher state of happiness and well being.” ~Elizabeth Rider, author of The Health Habit"

Elizabeth Rider
Author of The Health Habit

"Let your fears make you fierce” has become one of my favorite books of all time! it is relatable in so many ways and packed with so much information to expand your knowledge on balancing your chakras and on you as a person! If there is any fears including doubtful thoughts in your heart, this book is a must for you to transform your fears into becoming a fierce individual."

Amara Grier

"Everyone should read this book. No matter what age, race of religion. It tells you how a balanced mind, soul, and body can bring you up to live your life at it‘s best. Knowing Koya from the GetLovedUp-YTT 2019 in Los Angeles it seems like herself speaking in her words in every sentence of the book. Amazing woman, amazing book. Get yourself ready to: Let your fears make you fierce."

Anita E

"I signed up for Koya Webbs Yoga teacher training with Get Loved Up and thought I was just going to learn about the fundamentals of Yoga. I was wrong in the most amazing way. This training coupled with her soon to be best selling book “Let your fears make you fierce” allowed me to transform my consciousness. Really working through the book and discussing it with what is now my yoga family was a phenomenal experience. The ability to discuss the chapters with the author and share how they related to my experience on multiple levels was just a blessing. It was a full rounded program that was conducive to my spiritual growth, consistent yoga practice, and family plant-based daily cooking. Koya is truly an inspiration. To be able to have access to a teacher that cares about you and is fully invested in your future is priceless."

Celeste Bass

"I know that you must get these messages EVERY single day (and you don’t even know me and that’s ok) I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your message. Thank you for inspiring me to keep on fighting. Thank you for just being you and motivating me to go my own path. Life isnt always easy and it’s so powerful when people share about their own struggles. (Especially in your position) So in case you really get to read this just know that there is a little girl sitting in her apartment in Germany listening to what you have to say and seeing how you show up EVERY single day. So.. thank you Koya. Your work has helped me on my personal journey overcoming many obstacles and fear. I turned a live threatening eating disorder into my biggest passion to help others turn adversity into opportunity, to study psychology, nutrition and become a yoga teacher. ✨ Sending love and light from Hamburg, Germany."


"There’s nothing better than starting the day with some coffee and the most powerful book I’ve ever read… I’ve read hundreds of self-help books but never came across something like this. So many visuals, details and general information. It just makes you so excited when reading. This book has helped me in so many ways I can only imagine how someone else would feel after reading this. I highly recommend this book to all. It’s worth it!!! Let your fears make you fierce by @koyawebb"

Maya Jay

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  • I teach you the daily rituals, habits, and lifestyle changes that create optimal well-being.

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Koya Webb has spent the past 15 years as an intuitive international yoga teacher and holistic health coach transforming the lives of thousands of people worldwide, from celebrities like Stevie Wonder and P Diddy to students and clients of all ages and backgrounds. Koya has been featured in major media outlets such as Forbes, Oxygen, Essence, Muscle & Performance, the Steve Harvey Show, ABC, and CBS.

It Is Time To Create The Life You Were Born To Live.

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“The question is, do you let your challenges and fears conquer and control you, or do you look fear in the face and say, “I’ve got enough love for you”?

-Koya Webb

NOTE: If you purchased a copy of Koya's book through a 3rd party website, e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, please email a screenshot of your receipt to [email protected] to gain access to the bonuses indicated in the bundles above. 


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